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About PRP (platelets rich plasma)

  • PRP treatment can help support wound healing in trauma and joint injury. The technique can address male pattern baldness, stimulate the growth of hair transplants and enhance other cosmetic procedures.
  • The results of PRP treatment are most noticeable after several weeks for joint injections and six months for scalp injections, and are not permanent; patients may require additional injections at the direction of their doctor.
  • Because the treatments use a patient’s own tissues, PRP injections are safe and can be administered alone or used in conjunction with other procedures.
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are promoted as a way to reduce pain and speed healing for a number of common problems that affect the tendons, muscles, and joints, ranging from arthritis to shoulder pain, and Aesthetics / improve sexual life.

Trigger-Point injections:

PRP injections can be done in a 30-minute office procedure and are most commonly used for knee, shoulder, foot, ankle, and elbow problems. Often the underlying conditions are difficult to treat, and a simple injection to provide symptom relief sounds great.

Aesthetic and improve sexual life:

PRP can be used to rejuvenate skin and promote cell renewal. It is often used in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures, including cosmetic surgery, to improve the results and promote faster soft tissue healing and in the process activation of the production of new cells.

The V-Shot for women and the M-Shot for men both work by injecting platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s blood into the body to improve sexual health. The platelets within the blood’s plasma contain growth factors which, when injected into the body, create stronger tissue through stem cells.

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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy involves using a patient’s own blood components to stimulate healing. MedicalNowCare utilizes PRP in various treatments, such as joint pain management, hair restoration, and skin rejuvenation, promoting natural healing processes.

MedicalNowCare provides personalized weight loss programs that may include dietary counseling, exercise plans, and medical interventions when necessary. Our approach is tailored to individual needs, focusing on sustainable lifestyle changes for long-term success.

Yes, MedicalNowCare offers medical marijuana consultations for qualifying patients. Our healthcare professionals evaluate eligibility, provide education on medical marijuana, and issue prescriptions where appropriate, in compliance with applicable state laws.

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